Yearning for Earth Legs (Paperback)

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YEARNING for EARTH LEGS is the interdimensional love story between a celestial Goddess and her human lover -- brought down to Earth. The angelic Goddess is composed of light particles and possesses no physical substance in her native form. Therefore, she lusts for human sexual friction and bumping into things. She yearns for her Earth legs. The Goddess seizes her chance to time-share the body of her human lover when Earthman takes a nostalgic pilgrimage back to his secret meditation cave in the Greek Islands. This SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE epitomizes a new visionary storytelling where distinct characters travel, dialogue, and make love WITHIN a single body. The other-worldly Goddess and her human lover savor an intercourse across dimensions as boundless, audacious paramours -- whose entire erotic affair sizzles WITHIN a single human organism, Earthman. The EARTHMAN PENTALOGY is sexy, entheogenic, and an intra-realm roadmap for the questing supramental soul. The five-books are ideally read in the following order (1) Goddess Earthy (2) Yearning for Earth Legs (3) The Hippie History of Hashish (4) Earthfreaks, The Coming of the Earthpeople, and (5) Eddie Finger Eddie, The Hippie History of Goa and Kathmandu. All Earthman's coffee-table books are printed in full color and are available on books and on any device ($1.99) with a Kindle app. Search for the books by title.

About the Author

Earthman partook fully --- with enthusiasm! --- in the hippie trip in Greece, India, and Southeast Asia. He has suffered from post ecstatic bliss disorder ever since. With his background in award-winning photojournalism, Earthman compassionately documents the hippie trip through his playful yet profound travel adventures.

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ISBN: 9781530853670
ISBN-10: 1530853672
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 19th, 2016
Pages: 174
Language: English