A New Horizon (Paperback)

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Martin and Eleanor Philips are hard working, normal people who have developed a new kind of energy production that challenges the long established theories and laws govening energy production. Only man's imagination limits the newly discovered latent power.America, now reformed into a failing socialist regime is rushing headlong into a civil war that promises to dwarf the conflict that gripped the new nation in 1861.The people have turned their backs on the Judeau-Christian God and are in the process of destroying everything Christian. And God has had enough, setting the stage for A New Horison.

About the Author

H. Nelson Freeman is a Vietnam Veteran. Hw is a retired Police Sergeant with thirty years experience, including Police Intelligence Section, court certified as a polygraph examiner, fingerprint expert, and handwriting comparison examiner. He served on five US Navy ships and reached the rank of Chief Machinist Mate. Later he joined the Iowa National Guard and after fifteen years, retired as a Master Sergeant. He now lives in rural Iowa writing and enjoying retirement.

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ISBN: 9781530179138
ISBN-10: 1530179130
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 21st, 2016
Pages: 294
Language: English