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A golden feminist-fiction debut! Three women–the wife, the work wife, and the former wife of a big-time Hollywood director–each prepare themselves for a long day filled with speeches, pitches and an extravagant Hollywood party where their worlds collide and ugly truths enter the limelight. I was blown away with the amount of character, depth, and deep understanding of the emotional and physical abuse that women have suffered through for a chance at stardom in Hollywood. This book is a very fiery reminder that the #MeToo movement is still as impactful as when it started in 2017, and there are still a lot of silent voices–not just victims, voices–waiting to be heard, to be recognized, to become. You’ll want to finish this in one swoop. — Kirstin Swartz


"A page-turner, an eye-opener, a heartbreaker, a delight, The Work Wife is that rare book that illuminates a world we never knew existed while also making us feel so much less alone in everyday life." --Julia Phillips, author of National Book Award finalist Disappearing Earth

"The Work Wife is a bold and wholly satisfying novel about power, ambition, and the price women must often pay for their dreams. I gobbled it up." --Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of All Adults Here

Zanne Klein never planned to be a personal assistant to Hollywood royalty Ted and Holly Stabler. But a decade in at thirty-eight, that's exactly how she spends her days, earning six figures to make sure the movie mogul and his family have everything they could ever dream of and more.

However, today is no ordinary day at the Stabler estate. Tonight, everyone who's anyone will be there for the Hollywood event of the season, and if the party's a success, that chief of staff job Zanne's been chasing may soon be hers. Which means she can buy a house, give her girlfriend the life she deserves, pay off her student loans.

Nothing's going to get in Zanne's way--not disgruntled staff, not a nosy reporter, not even a runaway hostess. But when Ted's former business partner, Phoebe Lee, unexpectedly shows up right before go time, Zanne suddenly has a catastrophe unfolding before her--one with explosive consequences. As the truth comes out and Zanne realizes how deeply entangled she's become in the Stablers' world, she must decide if the sacrifices she's made for the job are worth the moral price she has to pay.

Told over the course of a single day and from three fierce perspectives, The Work Wife is a richly observed novel about female ambition, complicity, privilege and what happens when the brightest of stars aren't allowed to shine.

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ISBN: 9781525899768
ISBN-10: 1525899767
Publisher: Graydon House
Publication Date: July 19th, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English