Waltz across Texas with a Shoe and a Fart (Paperback)

Waltz across Texas with a Shoe and a Fart By Shannon Mills (Illustrator), Ciaran Curley (Illustrator), Mark Mills Cover Image
By Shannon Mills (Illustrator), Ciaran Curley (Illustrator), Mark Mills
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Embark on a rollicking ride across the Lone Star State with "Waltz Across Texas with a Shoe and a Fart," a young adult novel that's as wholesome as it is hilarious. This coming-of-age tale is not just a journey through the heart of Texas-it's a journey through the heart itself.

Meet Barnard, whose name rhymes with "barnyard" minus the "y," and his best friend Audie, whose name echoes the sleekness of a luxury car. Together, they concoct a Spring Break escapade that's destined to catapult them into the limelight of travel vlogging fame. From the piney woods of East Texas to the sun-kissed shores of the Gulf Coast, and the rugged expanse of West Texas, our heroes' odyssey is peppered with misadventures and mishaps, including an impromptu history lesson at the Alamo - of sorts.

But it's not just the landscape that's wild. A pair of shadowy figures dog their trail, turning this comedic jaunt into a thrilling chase. Will Barnard's spur-of-the-moment vision lead to stardom, or will it crash spectacularly like a tumbleweed in a wedding punch bowl? Can a friendship withstand the trials of the open road and the allure of unexpected romance? And the burning question: Can a Smart Car really nestle into the bed of a pickup truck?

This story promises to tug at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone in equal measure. Lauded by readers as a delightful romp, it's a testament to the enduring power of friendship and the unexpected paths that lead to love. Penned by Mark Mills, the imaginative mind behind the "Scepter of the Gods" series, this novel is a treasure trove of laughter, life lessons, and the kind of clean fun that's as rare as a bluebonnet in December. Dive into this book and discover a world where every mile is a memory and every chuckle is a chapter in the adventure of a lifetime.

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ISBN: 9781520764481
ISBN-10: 1520764480
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 8th, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: English