Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History (Compact Disc)

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A Killer Recipe:
Start: ladies from anywhere, anytime;
Add: lust for money, security, freedom, sex;
Subtract: empathy, tolerance, mercy:
Add: steely will, cunning, arsenic, knives;
Subtract: many, many, many dead bodies.

Mike Hare

The Green River Killer, the Son of Sam, the Unibomber, Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper. For too long the list of Epic Villains has been dominated by men. Lizzie Borden, after all, can only be credited with two murders and a good lawyer. This fascinating expose offers a compelling argument that the female sex can be every bit as lethal as its male counterpart. The overriding message seems to be that, if you have any suspicions at all about the woman who is offering you a brownie, feed a bit of it to the dog before you take a bite.

Alden Graves

Perfect for any true crime junkie, Lady Killers tell the tales of some of history's most infamous female serial killers. Tori Telfer is the perfect narrator as she describes these women's plights and eventual downfalls showing that you're not born a murderess, you're made one.

Samantha Beitler


When you think of serial killers throughout history, the names that come to mind are likely Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacy, and Ted Bundy. But what about Tillie Klimek, Moulay Hassan, and Kate Bender? The narrative we're comfortable with is one where women are the victims of violent crime-not the perpetrators. In fact, serial killers are thought to be so universally male that, in 1998, FBI profiler Roy Hazelwood infamously declared that There are no female serial killers. Inspired by Telfer's Jezebel column of the same name, Lady Killers disputes that claim and offers fourteen gruesome examples as evidence. Although largely forgotten by history, female serial killers rival their male counterparts in cunning, cruelty, and appetite. Each chapter explores the crimes and history of a different female serial killer and then proceeds to unpack her legacy and her portrayal in the media as well as the stereotypes and sexist cliches that inevitably surround her.

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ISBN: 9781520081618
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Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: October 10th, 2017
Language: English