Greece: Santorini, Greece: Travel Guide Book-A Comprehensive 5-Day Travel Guide to Santorini, Greece & Unforgettable Greek Tra (Paperback)

Greece: Santorini, Greece: Travel Guide Book-A Comprehensive 5-Day Travel Guide to Santorini, Greece & Unforgettable Greek Tra By Passport to European Travel Guides Cover Image
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Journey to the Center of Santorini, Greece

"Greece is the most magical place on Earth."
-Kylie Bax

* * * Updated for 2022 * * *

And a vacation in the Greek Islands will cast a magical spell it'll take you weeks to recover from For a limited time, Passport to European Travel Guides offers this comprehensive, yet quick and concise, 5-day guide to Santorini-one of the most beautiful locales on earth

5-Day Travel Guide to Unforgettable Greek Travel

Have no idea where to start? Or maybe you have some idea but could use a treasure trove of great insider tips? Well, read on You see, we know your trip begins long before you even book the flight, so this guide is chock full of dynamite tips on everything you need to know BEFORE you go-and much, much more you'll thank us for

Passport to European Travel Guides Features:

- Dynamite Insider Tips-for tourists We give you the scoop on everything from local etiquette to saving money
- 5-Day Suggested Itinerary-cover the best spots the city has to offer in 5 magical days
- Luxury Sleeps, Luxury Eats-our best recommendations for ultimate luxury in Santorini
- Budget Sleeps, Budget Eats-best spots for travelers on a budget
- Map-of Santorini
- City Snapshot-language, currency, airports, country code + more
- Before You Go-there are some things you need to know
- Getting in the Mood-with a few great films and books to enjoy before you go
- Local Tourist Information-where to find it once you're on the ground in Greece
- Overview-of Santorini
- Greek Phrases For Emergencies-least you'll know how to holler, "Help "
- Climate + Best Times to Travel-to Santorini
- All About Tours-By bike, boat, bus or special interest and walking tours + our top recommendations with links and more
- Santorini Nightlife-the best bars, clubs, live music, theater and dancing
- Lots more-we aim to get you in the know.

About the Author

Warmest Greetings! We're an eclectic team of international jet setters who know exactly what travelers and tourists want in a cut-to-the-chase, comprehensive travel guide that suits a wide range of budgets. Our growing collection of distinguished European travel guides are guaranteed to give first-hand insight to each locale, complete with day-to-day, guided itineraries you won't want to miss! Whether you're traveling to Europe for the first time, or just returning to cover more ground, we've got you covered with awesome location-specific INSIDER tips, suggestions for getting yourself in the mood, everything you need to do before you go, top recommendations for the best city tours, bargain and luxury sleeps and eats, the best times of the year to travel + lots more! We also share about the best in European nightlife, entertainment, art and theater. We want our brand to be your official Passport to European Travel--one you can always count on! Bon Voyage!

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