You Look Like Something Blooming: A Memoir of Divination Seeds to Cultivate Your Feminine Garden Temple (Paperback)

You Look Like Something Blooming: A Memoir of Divination Seeds to Cultivate Your Feminine Garden Temple By India Ame'ye Cover Image
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"I love the way you write, India....Your words are sweet and honest. You do not attempt to coerce or seduce. You do not solicit a contract with misery but instead with power, purpose and love. Thank you." -S. Chatman. "You Look Something Blooming" is raw Not bland or lukewarm, nor flaccid and unflavoured. It is wild honey and heat like Southern molasses and cayenne. You won't be fed stories of pain and trauma. Instead you will be placed in the fire of transformation but won't get burned. You will drink nurturing herbs and purge perceived limitations. You will lay bare on the earth with your face up towards the sky while being swept by the leaves of new narratives. This moonlit book is raw in its innocence for those who live beyond the margins and status quo. It is not a cutesy book nor does it placate to the ego. You will be inspired not to perceive yourself anything lesser than a love story. 5 years after being published this book continues to receive bountiful feedback from women globally whose imprint, health, and lives have been changed in some small or large way after reading this book. For this blessing I'm deeply grateful and inspired. I 'write' about real life, and it has been a love story in all its beauty and difficulties alchemized. When you 'expect' magic, magical things happen. My body and life have been radically renewed so the work speaks for itself. While this book covers many topics, I know that openly expressing sexual energy and sexual agency have always been risky propositions for women, and as a result, can be easily misunderstood and reduced. Writing with excruciating vulnerability is the high art of feminine skillsets, but easily misinterpreted and confused. I must illuminate that this feminine reclamation and quantum leaping work isn't for every woman or femme. I courageously write for those who have 'eyes to see and ears to hear, ' willing to see the dank river beneath the river. I will continue answering the call as an Author of Love and share that love (health, healing, and transformation) through the Creative Arts and Benevolent Feminine Rites, which are not for the timid, stagnant, or tender-footed. The Melody of love " is a lovingly mystical and refreshingly radical literary spellbook that charms, heals, glows, amplifies, and supports healing, self-care, body transformations, and the divine feminine within us all. Part warm and witchy, part how-to grow more ass (rootworkers) and activate breast tissues (caretakers), part learning to embody love as abundance, part natural healing of fibroids and heavy, painful moon times, part conjuring and sensual narratives, part flowers, herbal teas, and fairies, part full body orgasms and orgasmic living brilliancy, part prose and word/sound/power. Part dreamy and celestial, practical and purposeful, transformative and paradigm shifting. Part ancient (Africa) and recent (Georgia/South Carolina/California). Many parts of the highest-vibrational whole of existence, the womb and its mysteries, nourishment, and total and complete darkness.--In 2003, triple-Bachelor degreed, India Ame'ye resigned from her Sr. Accountant position in Corporate America in pursuit of passion, love (learning and embodying love), aliveness, and a big ol' adventure. There was also the wonder and magic of pain, grief, sadness, depression, and tiny steps into learning how to return ALL experiences back into love.... and most importantly, allowing the experiences to resonate as love in the body. "You Look Like Something Blooming" is a charming yet raw encounter with spirit, adventure, love, intimacy and sex, pleasure, nature, and so much more. Described as refreshingly radical, authentic, healing, opening, while being a bit dreamy, tender, faraway, lulling, ancient yet familiar. Occasionally quite funny alongside some brand of thrilling, womanly wildness. Chockfull of intimate and feminine arts in deeply honest ways, you are sure to transform in thought, action, pleasure, and/or.

About the Author

India Ame'ye is an American writer, born in Nigeria, and raised in Atlanta. Overtime she earned three Bachelor's degrees in Accounting, Biology, and Chemistry. She combines her formal studies of science with her informal studies of metaphysics, and now creates luminous, inspirational books that challenge limited narratives of humanity through exploration of social programs and constructions, imagination, alchemy, possibility, intimacy, femininity, energy, and balance embodiment. Utilizing the nectar of sensuous language, she weaves evidence of body positivity, magic, love, myths, sensuality, beauty, wellness, nature's healing, and transformation for the modern woman. Her debut book, "You Look Something Blooming: A Memoir of Divination Seeds to Cultivate Your Feminine Garden" has been an Amazon best seller 13 times, selling over 200 copies during its first month of release. India is in final productions on her second book, "The Melody of Love and Loveliness: Alchemical Change and Magical Transformations." Currently an advanced certified Pranic Healer under the tutelage of Master Hector Ramos and a Transcendental Meditator, she lives in the charming city of Amsterdam with her darling partner "Lovie." India adores traveling with Lovie, forest twirling, cooking & juicing, music, warm sun, sustainable living, compassion, and making love with life at the most peculiar moments with zero shame. "Every new story you sing is a victory." -India A.

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Publication Date: April 21st, 2015
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