Leading from the Ice (Paperback)

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The late and great Hall of Fame football coach Vince Lombardi said that "leaders are made, they are not born. There must be truth in the purpose and will power in the character." I have been fortunate to have lived a life exposed to world class leaders. I have played for the legendary American Hockey coach Herb Brooks. I was hired and mentored by world class broadcast pioneers Stanley S. and Stanley E. Hubbard. I lived with a Union President. All these world class leaders and others have helped to make me. The inside story of how these leaders operate and lead is fascinating individually, but viewed together it is apparent they operate with the very same fundamentals. I took these fundamental lessons in leadership back to the hockey arena and showed myself and others that put into the proper environment, our young people will thrive; they will become our next generation of leaders. Our leadership program in Sioux Falls produced triple the number of NCAA Division I captains than that of any other program anywhere in the world. Most of us see the lack of leadership in our current culture. Because we have chosen not to be ruled by Kings, but by our own direction and governance, we need to refocus on leadership as a value important to our American republic. Without such an effort, America will struggle. This book is a small effort in restarting the dialogue to stimulate the effort to produce more and better leadership.

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