Mentalist Secrets Revealed: The Book Mentalists Don't Want You To See! (Paperback)

Mentalist Secrets Revealed: The Book Mentalists Don't Want You To See! By Masked Mentalist Cover Image
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This is a beginners book that is designed to fulfill your interest and curiosity in the world and techniques of mentalism and the secrets of mental magic. If you wish to learn mentalism and understand how to be a mentalist, you found the perfect guide It has some phenomenal secrets about becoming a mentalist: Memory skills, Predictions, Body Language Reading, Hypnosis and other mind boggling effects Within this book, I shall show and demonstrate to you some of the strongest effects that you can begin to practice and then perform immediately. The majority of effects within this book require next to no skill and can be performed in almost all circumstances. Some of the effects within this book are extremely simple but also extremely powerful when performed correctly. But professional mentalists will go crazy if they'll know we are publishing this book - so please respect these effects and ensure that they can still be performed after you are finished with them by not revealing the secrets to your audience members. I hope you enjoy this book and get a lot out of these effects. Yours, The Masked Mentalist.

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ISBN: 9781499258844
ISBN-10: 1499258844
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 1st, 2014
Pages: 108
Language: English