Virtue (Paperback)

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Love is a beautiful characteristic of life, captured in a couple's lingering gaze towards one another or in a parent's endearing touch on a child's face. God created love to represent His bond with His creation, a connection established with mutual feelings of appreciation, contentment and admiration. Just as humans desire to establish a personal, intimate relationship with God, He wants humans to seek the same with their fellow mankind, especially in the romantic sense. Virtue expounds on God's intent for relationships between men and women through a collection of poetry written by author Baby Joseph. The poems chronicle the journey a couple travels as they go from casual acquaintances to wedded lovers of bliss. Baby Joseph seeks first for readers to recognize that love was not first created by man, but by God who wanted to be close and available to His creation. Within each person, He formed a desire to receive love and give it freely back to God and others. The majority of the poems then focus on the relationship produced between a man and a woman, written as though from the heartfelt thoughts of a man in love with his woman. As the couple draw closer to their impending wedding, their passion and love for one another only intensifies, along with an awareness of God's provision of their companionship. Besides being a celebration of God's love, and His conception of love shared within a couple, readers will find that Virtue is also a guiding tool in learning to treat your significant other with respect and patience. It is more than just a collection of poetic verse; it is recognition of the greatest gift that God gave His children, the ability to love.

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ISBN: 9781498440691
ISBN-10: 149844069X
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: June 30th, 2015
Pages: 60
Language: English