Kama Sutra Latino: The Sacred Union (Paperback)

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Kama Sutra Latino is an introduction to the evolution of spirituality in the human heart. Through simple words laden with poetry, the author explains how to transmute the carnal pleasure into its highest expression of spiritual love.Yanina Olmos, also known as Sister Jayanti, was a Vedanta nun for many years, practicing austere spiritual disciplines that led her to discover the fountain of love that she poured into this book, simply written, with a mystical language and at the same time, understandable for everyone. It becomes obvious that she dedicated herself to reconciling the deepest spiritual realizations with the totality of human life. For her, what matters is feeling that all this, apparently paradoxical and devoid of sense, is the ultimate reality, the supreme love. Reading it, one feels the book as a spiritual legacy. There is a meaning that transcends it and stays with you to be perceived gradually, over time, like the ripples that are felt long after a leaf has fallen into the river.It encloses a deep meaning, described with beautiful words, with brief life stories, strengthened with simple practices that can be incorporated into your daily life, and a world view that can help to enhance and sweeten yours.

About the Author

Yanina Olmos was born in Cordoba, Argentina, where she practiced meditation and learnt Vedanta since childhood. A brilliant student, she was admitted at the early age of 16 in the prestigious 400-year-old University of Cordoba, and six years later she presented the first thesis ever in video format, a documentary. Yanina later moved to Buenos Aires to pursue her PhD in International Relations at Universidad del Salvador, the renowned Jesuit University, where she focused on cultural globalization and multiculturalism. Her experiences in this University appear as a frame of reflection in her contribution to "Meditation on the Imitation of Christ, A Vedantic Interpretation." Yanina moved to Hollywood, California, in 2005, to join a Vedic monastery. In Hollywood she immediately founded a Hispanic publishing house and pioneered classes, talks and spiritual activities, creating bridges of communality between people of diverse cultures and religions. She is well known for her joyous and inspiring personality, always helping others in achieving their dreams and creative goals. She herself is a prolific book producer, with more than 30 titles she wrote, translated or edited in Spanish and English. Yanina is committed to bring the depth of spirituality into the totality of the human experience, which is shown in the most delicate fashion in "Kama Sutra Latino: The Sacred Union," where she excels as both a writer and a soul-lover.

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