The Church Pushed Me Over The Edge (Paperback)

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Every so often a book comes along that forces us to examine our ministerial identity in light of the immense pressures placed upon us by those we seek to help. The weight of ministry can be enormous. Few have been as transparent as Ricardo Dorcean. This book is a masterpiece that carefully examines the burden of ministry amidst the blessing of being called. It is a fact that a man with an opinion is never at the mercy of a man with experience. His experiences have given him something for all of us. Many leaders are often disillusioned by the resistance they experience within the church and fall into depression, resign or even contemplate or commit suicide. This book is a God send for any leader who needs help working through the challenges of ministry. It also helps the laity in understanding their role in pushing many clergy over the edge. I am convinced that God has given Ricardo Dorcean a word in this season to bring healing to the body of Christ. There is so much pain in our churches and many clergy are hurting with nowhere to heal. Before you hang up your harps on the willow tree, read this book. It will encourage you to dig for deeper meanings in your call and truly assess your motivations. This book is a what, how and when book. It explains what happens within the life of leadership and the church and explains how certain scenarios play out. It also gives you insight on when you react or move. Countless leaders in the past could have benefited from this book. You have an opportunity to sit at the feet of someone who has lived this out. I encourage every leader and laity alike to read this book. I am convinced that our churches will be better and our leaders will be stronger. Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III Senior Pastor: Mount Zion Baptist Church-Nashville Presiding Bishop-Elect Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

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ISBN: 9781495153310
ISBN-10: 1495153312
Publisher: Unlock Publishing House, Inc.
Publication Date: September 1st, 2014
Pages: 344
Language: English