The Book of Revelation Finally Interpreted by Five Modern Revelations: Between 1852 and 1976, All Authored or Authorized by Jesus (Paperback)

The Book of Revelation Finally Interpreted by Five Modern Revelations: Between 1852 and 1976, All Authored or Authorized by Jesus By Walker Thomas Cover Image
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JOHN'S BOOK OF REVELATION FINALLY INTERPRETED Shortly after Jesus was crucified, his apostle John Zebedee "wrote" The Book of Revelation while in exile on the island of Patmos, just off the western coast of present-day Turkey; but John did not know the meaning of the approximately 300 symbols that he used in his revelation to represent the images he had been shown by angels sent to him by Jesus. So John asked several angels what the meaning was of the images they were showing him, but they did not give him understandable answers, for reasons we present in detail in other study manuals of Revelations. And no one since John has been able to figure out what those symbols mean sufficiently to offer a credible interpretation. So Jesus came back during the "latter days" and gave us five modern revelations, partly so that we could finally understand John's Revelation. In this present book, we have collected the relevant passages from all five of these modern revelations by Jesus, all helping us to de-code the meaning of the symbols in THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Then we compare those passages to the corresponding verses in John's Revelation, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, 1-22, so that we finally have a rather full interpretation of John's Revelation. In order to offer you Jesus' new interpretations of John's Revelation, we will go through John from the first verse to the last, isolating each verse or group of verses; then we will follow each verse(s) with the passage(s) that Jesus has given us in his five modern revelations, two of which were written specifically for the purpose of re-interpreting John's Revelation for us confused humans; the other three books were offered as broader philosophies, but include many valuable re-interpretations of Revelations. So we do not need to wonder any longer what all those 300 symbols mean in John's Revelation. Now we know. And we have put them all together in a simple verse-by-verse format in this book so that anyone who wants to know how to understand The Book of Revelation according to Jesus' five modern revelations--may do so with confidence that we now know what it means. However, even this collected "divine interpretation" requires serious study in order to learn the special language of John's Revelation, for which we offer the book titled: A POCKET MANUAL TO UNDERSTAND THE BOOK OF REVELATION, For the Busy Person Who Wants to Understand It, but Does Not Have Time to Study It.

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