Conquering Anger: A Practical Guide to Remove Rage from Our Hearts and Achieve Peace of Mind (Paperback)

Conquering Anger: A Practical Guide to Remove Rage from Our Hearts and Achieve Peace of Mind By Isaac Benarrosh Cover Image
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Author Dr. Isaac Benarrosh was born and raised in a society where anger and verbal violence were the standard way to communicate and resolve conflicts.

Benarrosh began his career as a doctor, but after being repeatedly disappointed in a dysfunctional system he could not change, he turned his energy toward his own spiritual development. As a doctor, he learned that the challenges of anger spare no one; this character trait is rooted deeper than a rational response. After many years of struggling with anger issues, he unceasingly looked for a medical cure, but never found one. The solution for managing anger goes beyond the medical frontiers. He researched the topic extensively in many other areas and was not satisfied with his findings for definite answers.

In today's world, peace of mind and serenity seem like an impossibility. We find no relief from financial insecurity, emotional unrest, and constant cut-throat competition. The direct result of these tensions is a profound lack of inner harmony. This lack of inner peace often leads to anger which affects even the closest of relationships. Most people are unaware of how extremely toxic and dangerous anger is. It blocks the ability to give and receive love, destroying harmony and friendship. Anger decreases self-esteem, causes spiritual, physical, and emotional damage not only to the angry person, but to those around him. Yet controlling one's angry feelings is a major challenge for many people, both young and old alike.

em>>Conquering Anger is a guide for today's individual through the sources of both medical and ethical works. It provides practical advice how to control and eradicate your angry response to life's uncertainties. Reading this book will restore peace of mind, improve personal relationships, restore mental and physical health, and, overall, provide you the tools to enjoy a better quality of life.

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Publication Date: November 2nd, 2018
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