Improving Odds to Win the Lottery: All Lotteries Are Biased (Paperback)

Improving Odds to Win the Lottery: All Lotteries Are Biased By Joseph Edward Brierly Ph. D. Cover Image
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Early in Dr. Brierly's career as a mathematician doing operations research for the US Department of Defense the author acquired an interest in investigating ways to optimize winning games of chance. He recognized that every gambling game offers a potential for applying probability and statistics to optimize bets. His first interest in this regard was devoted to picking winners at the harness horse races. After several years the author developed a computer system that essentially simulated a horse race based on race program data. He applied the simulation regularly for twenty years making a profit of 30 to 50 percent on bets every year. A future book will be offered that gives information on the author's harness race picking software.In the 1980s Dr. Brierly decided that he would write a computer program that gave advantage for winning lotteries. He invented and programmed a one-of-a-kind algorithm that finds the bias in any lottery based on its past outcomes. The lottery program titled BESTLOT underwent careful development until it reached perfection. No one has an algorithm that can do what the author's program BESTLOT can do. It is a unique copyrighted program that will only be available at the author's Ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. It is believed that serious lottery players will want to buy a copy of the software after reading this book that explains in depth how the author came within a 50-50 chance of winning ten million dollars using the BESTLOT software. Verification of the BESTLOT advantage may be observed at the author's website INTERJETIC.COM. In addition, at this website there are a number of research articles written by the author in both pure and applied mathematics. The author's biography may also be found at the hyperlink Acadbio found at his website listing a number of the author's awards along with his experience and education background. Viewers will find ample substantiation for the author's abilities to have accomplished exactly what he claims at his website.

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