Aren't You Tired?: Embracing the Lord's Call to Enter His Rest (Paperback)

Aren't You Tired?: Embracing the Lord's Call to Enter His Rest By Jaci Wightman Cover Image
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During the 2020 quarantine, Church life as we know it came to a screeching halt. And it troubled me that I was actually RELIEVED to step off that crazy mouse's wheel for a while. I had to stop and ask myself: If my spiritual life is leaving me tired and stressed rather than restored and rejuvenated, do I even understand the gospel of Jesus Christ? Why aren't I experiencing the "rest" that Jesus offered to all who trust in Him (Matthew 11:28)? These are the questions I tackle in this book, Aren't You Tired? Stop Striving and Enter the Rest of the Lord. We'll look at the concepts of striving and rest in a whole new way, and eventually discover that Christ really did mean what He said when He offered us rest--especially when it comes to the daily living of our religion. I believe it's time to challenge the busy, maxed-out mentality that often drives our Church culture. After digesting the truths in this book, readers will never see subjects like grace, charity, striving, righteousness, or rest the same way ever again.

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ISBN: 9781462143412
ISBN-10: 1462143415
Publisher: Cfi
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
Pages: 160
Language: English