Ancient Seder Olam: A Christian Translation of the 2000-year-old Scroll (Paperback)

Ancient Seder Olam: A Christian Translation of the 2000-year-old Scroll By Ken Johnson Th D. Cover Image
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This 2000-year-old scroll reveals the chronology from Creation through Cyrus' decree that freed the Jews in 536 BC. The Ancient Seder Olam uses Biblical prophecy to prove its calculations of the timeline. We have used this technique to continue the timeline all the way to the reestablishment of the nation of Israel in AD 1948. Using the Bible and rabbinical tradition, it shows that the ancient Jews awaited King Messiah to fulfill the prophecy spoken of in Daniel Chapter 9. The Seder answers many questions about the chronology of the books of Kings and Chronicles. It talks about the coming of Elijah, King Messiah's reign, and the battle of Gog and Magog. This scroll and the Jasher scroll are the two main sources used in the book Ancient Post-Flood History, also by Ken Johnson. Brought to you by Biblefacts Ministries,

About the Author

Ken Johnson is an author and lecturer who speaks on a variety of issues related to Bible prophecy, ancient history, and the apostasy that will form in the church in the last days. He received a Doctorate in Theology from the Christian College of Texas, Texarkana Tx, in 1989. He is also the author of the website

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