Blackjack Card Counting (Card Games) (Paperback)

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Blackjack Card Counting is an easy-to-understand reference book for players to use to gain an advantage at casino blackjack by counting cards. The method works because if the dealer reveals more small cards than large cards, the average value of the remaining cards increases. If there are relatively more high cards remaining, the probability of a blackjack paying 3 to 2 increases, the probability of winning on a doubled-down bet increases, and the probability of the dealer busting with a 12 to 16 showing increases. Topics include blackjack basics, counting cards, the running count, the true count, betting strategy, and player decisions. The book includes charts showing the optimal blackjack strategy depending on the card count. The author is a mathematician with experience as a consultant to the gaming industry who has sold thousands of books.

About the Author

Philip Martin McCaulay is an actuary with a B.A. in Mathematics from Indiana University. His actuarial clients in the gaming industry have included Bally's, Circus Circus, Caesar's Palace, and United Gaming. He has sold thousands of books in the fields of pensions, finance, investments, real estate, and massage therapy.

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ISBN: 9781449577049
ISBN-10: 1449577040
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 4th, 2009
Pages: 54
Language: English
Series: Card Games