Painkillers: Adventures In Dystopia: Poems About Sadness And Lassitude (Paperback)

Painkillers: Adventures In Dystopia: Poems About Sadness And Lassitude By Jabez L. Van Cleef Cover Image
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"The theory behind writing these poems is that if you are feeling miserable, and you write about how you are feeling, with as much precision and thoroughness as you can muster, you will induce in yourself a kind of satisfaction that you are able to make something worthwhile emerge from the misery. " "The theory behind publishing these poems is that if someone else with similar feelings to your own comes along and reads about these painful states of mind, that person may also come to feel a little better, either from a better understanding or from a general sense of companionship.

About the Author

Jabez L. Van Cleef takes foundational texts from many oral traditions and religions and attempts to create a common poetic format to preserve, promote and disseminate the values of diverse cultures (even the culture of depression). His work also promotes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other frameworks intended to foster full realization of human potential. Find out more by visiting

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ISBN: 9781438229744
ISBN-10: 1438229747
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 29th, 2008
Pages: 168
Language: English