Unquestioned Answers: Rethinking Ten Christian Clichés to Rediscover Biblical Truths (Paperback)

Unquestioned Answers: Rethinking Ten Christian Clichés to Rediscover Biblical Truths By Dr. Jeff Myers Cover Image
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We hear and say short Christian clichés all the time, such as “Jesus was a social justice warrior,” “Just have faith,” and “It’s not my place to judge.” These trite statements often go unquestioned. Sometimes they even substitute for truth, leading to a fragile and shallow faith. But what if a close study of these clichés could lead us to deep biblical truth?
In Unquestioned Answers, Dr. Jeff Myers rethinks ten popular Christian clichés. Through an in-depth and fresh look, Myers shares insights into these overused statements to strengthen readers’ faith and encourage them to share Jesus with others. Walk with Myers on a path to biblical truth as he explores critical topics such as social justice, faith, sin, loving others, God’s goodness, prayer, and more.

About the Author

Jeff Myers, PhD, has become one of America’s most respected authorities on Christian worldview, apologetics, and leadership development. He is the author of several books and president of Summit Ministries. Jeff and his family live in Colorado.
For over fifty years, Summit Ministries has trained tens of thousands of Christians to confidently understand how their faith impacts all areas of their life. Find out more at summit.org.

Praise For…

“The whole world is captivated by sound bites and catchphrases. Christians are no exception. With grace and humor, Dr. Jeff Myers peels back the untruth that Christian clichés communicate and helps us marvel at the deep truth of God’s Word. Unquestioned Answers makes you fall in love with the Bible all over again.”
— Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby

“There is nothing worse than Christians not thinking Christianly. Believing and repeating sloppy religious clichés hurts the cause of the One who calls us to love him with our whole minds. I thank God for my friend Jeff Myers taking on this vitally important subject. Read it and be blessed and equipped to reach those who are lost and hurting!”
— Eric Metaxas, bestselling author of Bonhoeffer

“Dr. Jeff Myers has trained tens of thousands of young adults to be leaders. They love and trust him. You’ll see why when you read Unquestioned Answers. Jeff is a master storyteller who unflinchingly shares his own fears and failures while pointing the reader directlyto God. Unquestioned Answers is a gold mine of profound truths that go straight to the heart.”
— Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas

“In an age of sound bites, Twitter feeds, and memes, honest-to-goodness conversation and respectful debate are becoming increasingly rare. Critical thinking has become a casualty of these trends—not to mention our understanding of the mystery and depth of the Christian faith. In his compelling new book, Dr. Jeff Myers encourages believers not to answer difficult questions with pat answers and clichés but to rely on Scripture as the ultimate source of truth. This book is sure to change the way many folks view the life-and-death topics we all ponder.”
— Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

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