You Need a License to Fish (Hardcover)

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Society demands a world that is truly safe and secure for all children to be born and raised into All pedophiles are lobotomized the first time they offend All runaway parents are found through national registries and forced to support their abandoned children All females are sterilized at the age of eight years old The Catholic Church endorses the national policy of sterilization All females are tagged on their skin with their medical records as proof of sterilization. Any female adult found in noncompliance is hunted down and physically forced to comply Any and all supporters of non- compliance are harshly dealt with. Reversal of sterilization is only possible after a lengthy peer review to determine applicants worth eligibility to physically have, care and provide for a child. Constant monitoring is part of their acceptance for the procedure. Every new request for pregnancy requires a new review for eligibility, having passed once does not automatically ensure future allowed pregnancies. All this and more ensures a better society where the needs and rights of a child are placed before those of any adult. Read how this came about.

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ISBN: 9781434354860
ISBN-10: 1434354865
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: January 11th, 2008
Pages: 160
Language: English