Justinian I: Byzantine Emperor (Social Studies: Informational Text) (Paperback)

Justinian I: Byzantine Emperor (Social Studies: Informational Text) By Kelly Rodgers Cover Image
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In this captivating biography, readers will learn how Emperor Justinian I ruled the Byzantine Empire for 38 years, and what he accomplished during his time of reign that would make him known as Justinian the Great. Featuring engaging images, maps, photos, stunning facts, and easy-to-read text, readers will be introduced to Justinian's Code, the Nika Rebellion, and iconoclasm. Readers will be fascinated as they discover that Justinian put down a rebellion, conquered new territory, and even survived the bubonic plague! To provide readers with tools they'll need to better understand the content, this book features an accessible glossary and index, as well as an in-class activity to help students better understand the language people used in medieval times.

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ISBN: 9781433350023
ISBN-10: 1433350025
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials
Publication Date: July 30th, 2012
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Social Studies: Informational Text