From Jupiter to Genesis: Finding Love's 7th-Gift In Father's Library (Paperback)

From Jupiter to Genesis: Finding Love's 7th-Gift In Father's Library By Anthony Sneed Cover Image
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"I am always pleased to hear of the accomplishments of Caltech graduates and look forward to hearing of future milestones in your career." Caltech's president's expectation, to the author, page 101.

"No member of the Caltech community shall take unfair advantage of another member of the Caltech community." Caltech's Honor Code, informing author's good faith to solve a $1.86 billion IBM problem, in harmony with former IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson Jr.'s legacy as a Caltech board member.

"Although your up to $165 million fee for your invention] is not currently of interest, we would encourage you to contact IBM] in the future if a patent issues." IBM's CEO-approved notice, sent to author, prior to the author receiving U.S. patent #6,236,992.

"The requirements of law have been complied with, and it has been determined that a patent on the invention shall be granted under the law." U.S. Commissioner of Patents to author, upon the U.S. Patent Office issuing author patent #6,236,992.

A Caltech president's expectation is a precious gift. But is it fulfilled? By value-creation from the above invention--or another's successful, one-year, national security review, during patenting? By developing an onboard operating system, for a 0.5 billion-mile, NASA/Jupiter mission? By "compiling" parts of Genesis, as a computer does for C++, FORTRAN, Java, and other languages, that opens the Genesis-narrative to findings, dormant at least 2,000 years?

Merely holding this book makes you a "First Amendment Juror," in the "Court of Public Opinion," to see if expectation is fulfilled--both the president's and yours. Whether you are the first or the 7-millionth "Juror," the 7th -Gift you find herein is yours to keep for...

...the rest of your life.

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