The DNA Way: Unlock the Secrets of Your Genes to Reverse Disease, Slow Aging, and Achieve Optimal Wellness (Paperback)

The DNA Way: Unlock the Secrets of Your Genes to Reverse Disease, Slow Aging, and Achieve Optimal Wellness By Kashif Khan, Dave Asprey (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Kashif Khan, Dave Asprey (Foreword by)
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Learn how your DNA can empower you to make life choices that lead to a happier, healthier life

The personalized medicine wave is here.
In this book, biotechnology entrepreneur and CEO of The DNA Company Kashif Khan offers an action plan to help you live your best life. It starts by understanding your genetic makeup.

The DNA Way is a preventative guide to various health issues and their link to an individual’s DNA. In it, readers will discover what the DNA Company experts have learned about chronic illness and genetic predispositions, based on years of in-depth genetic analysis of the DNA results of more than 7,000 people.

Topics that will be addressed include mood and behavior, energy, diet and nutrition, weight management, sleep, and more. The book will delve into Kashif’s personal journey of overcoming his own genetic legacy and health challenges—using his own DNA results as a case study—and in navigating that journey, how he came to develop a company whose aim is to elevate humanity.

It also outlines recommendations—including what foods to eat, how to exercise, and where and how to work—that have helped him prevent or reverse illness, slow down the aging process, and optimize his performance.

Learn how to access your human instruction manual—the DNA way.

About the Author

Kashif Khan is an author, speaker, visionary entrepreneur, and investor based in Toronto who has built, run, and scaled numerous businesses across various industries. He is the founder and CEO of The DNA Company, a digital health company that uses genetic insights to develop genomics-based health management applications that offer patients precision healthcare tailored to their unique biology. Kashif is also a biomedical explorer where he makes health a hobby by constantly seeking out innovation in longevity and wellness to bring under the fold of healthcare.

Rod Thorn is an author, playwright, screenwriter, producer, voice actor, journalist, speaker, strategic advisor, and former communications executive for IBM, Kodak, and PepsiCo. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, and other major print and broadcast media outlets. As an advisor to dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs and hundreds of other leaders around the globe, he has been involved in some of the most important developments in business history, the dawning of the internet, a chess-playing supercomputer, mega-mergers, backbreaking bankruptcies, and cutthroat cola wars among them. He is based in Connecticut.

Praise For…

Knowledge is power. Kashif reveals his health journey to help empower you with the knowledge you need for your own longevity and vitality. - Steven R. Gundry, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of The Plant Paradox

I absolutely love how Kashif lays out a functional approach to our genetics! When it comes to hormones, this perspective is massively needed!! If you are looking to understand your genes and how to choose a lifestyle that works with your genetics, then this is the book for you. A game-changing resource that we have all been waiting for. - Dr. Mindy Pelz, fasting expert and Wall Street Journal and national best-selling author

The insights that Kashif was able to deliver about the inner workings of my brain and body were mind-blowing. It's like he accessed my human instruction manual. - Joe De Sena, CEO and founder of Spartan Race

The ultimate life hack to take control of your health, performance and longevity. - Bear Grylls, adventurer, writer and presenter

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ISBN: 9781401971267
ISBN-10: 1401971261
Publisher: Hay House LLC
Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Pages: 264
Language: English