Charge and the Energy Body: The Vital Key to Healing Your Life, Your Chakras, and Your Relationships (Paperback)

Charge and the Energy Body: The Vital Key to Healing Your Life, Your Chakras, and Your Relationships By Anodea Judith, Ph.D. Cover Image
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Use the power of life force to live your highest potential with this “landmark book” that addresses “the role of the chakras in personality and our intimate relationships” and “opens the door to the inner experience of the authentic self” (Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger)

We all know what it’s like to have a “charge” about something. It’s a feeling of excitement, fear, sexual arousal, or irritation. But what we don’t currently know is how to use charge for the behaviors we want to create.

Charge is a word for the basic life force running through us. This force is crucial if we are to meet the challenges of difficult situations, heal past wounds and traumas, and manage the stress of modern life. Even more, it is essential for understanding how to master your own life force and become all you can be.

This book makes an important contribution to the growing field of Energy Medicine, by looking at charge as the interface between mind and body, and the missing ingredient in Mind-Body healing. It brings the reader into a deep intimacy with their own life force, as well as an understanding of how charge runs their relationships, their children, their clients, and patients. It examines how we can become “overcharged” or “undercharged” and how to bring about balance through practices of charging and discharging. Each chapter gives simple exercises to put these principles into practice.

World-renowned teacher, somatic therapist, best-selling author, and advanced yoga teacher, Anodea Judith, Ph.D., addresses all this and more in her groundbreaking book on mastering the life force. Taken from her decades of teaching on the subject and her doctoral work in Mind-Body medicine, this book contributes something entirely new to the literature on healing self and others.

About the Author

Anodea Judith, Ph.D., is the author or co-author of eight books on various aspects of healing, psychology, spirituality, social change, and yoga, most notably as seen through the system of energy centers known as chakras. Her first book, released in 1987, Wheels of Life, has sold over 250,000 copies in the U.S., with translations in 24 languages, selling even better today after nearly 30 years. She holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and Human Health, is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (E-RYT), with lifelong studies of psychology, mythology, sociology, history, systems theory, and mystic spirituality. She is considered one of the country’s foremost experts on the combination of chakras and therapeutic issues and on the interpretation of the Chakra System for the Western lifestyle. She teaches across the world, and has been a speaker at numerous conferences, such as Yoga Journal, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Healing Touch, and an ongoing faculty member of The Shift Network, Kripalu Yoga Center, New York Open Center, Omega, and many other retreat centers and yoga studios. Website:

Praise For…

“Anodea Judith’s Charge and the Energy Body takes you on a beautiful journey through the subtle energies that animate your body. Based on a lifetime of curiosity and creative exploration, it will help you understand your own workings, the forces that propel those you love, and how to stabilize and harmonize the energies within you and beyond you. I recommend it highly.”
—Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D., co-authors of Energy Medicine and The Energies of Love

“In this landmark book, Anodea Judith further addresses the role of the chakras in personality and our intimate relationships. She advances her original understanding of the energy systems of life and shows us just how we can ride the wave of charge and excitement and embody that aliveness. This journey opens the door to the inner experience of the authentic self, of our relationship to ourselves and to others. Anodea also pays particular attention to the effect that trauma has upon our vital energy centers. She then provides maps to help us move back into life, and to know and achieve what we truly want in life.”
—Peter A. Levine, author of Waking the Tiger; Healing Trauma; and In an Unspoken Voice

“Everything is possible. And the key is in your charge and the energy body. When your charge blends with its source, the universal charge, you have arrived home. That power is within your grasp. In her book Charge and the Energy Body, Anodea gives us a complete, original, and fresh insight into the possibility of living an orgasmic, ecstatic, and joyful life-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Read this book, and you'll have the key to Heaven!”
—Margot Anand, author of Love, Sex, and Awakening

“Anodea takes you step by step through an understanding of your life force, including how to enhance it, balance it, and use it for healing. With her foundational practices, we can become better human beings and agents of positive change.”
—Stephen Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network, author of Sacred America, Sacred World

“Superb addition to the field of energy psychology with deep insights, juicy awarenesses, and creative practices. Well written and energizing to read, with a nice balance of personal stories, case examples, and theories.”
—Michael Mayer, Ph.D., author of Energy Psychology

“Anodea Judith’s Charge and the Energy Body will become one of the 'must-have' books for body-oriented and energy-oriented health-care professionals. Her focus on 'charge' as an energetic phenomenon provides a nonjudgmental language and point of view that can be used easily by therapists and accepted by clients. She provides a wealth of information about different patterns of charge with different types of problems, as well as how to shift those patterns. The book provides plenty of exercises that can help therapists and their clients experience and embody different ways of being. I highly recommend this book."”
—Robert Schwarz, Psy.D., DCEP, Executive Director of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

"By focusing on charge, on the flow of life energy through the body, Anodea Judith has given us a new way of looking at human behavior and emotion during trauma, healing, and self-regulation. If you want a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you, this book is for you." 
—Steven Kessler, psychotherapist and author of The 5 Personality Patterns

"Anodea Judith's book Charge and the Energy Body is a fascinating and comprehensive view on life force. A great read for anyone interested in understanding how life force affects our physical, mental, and spiritual health. I especially love all the practical techniques to help us stay charged and vital on all these levels." 
—Lisa Van Ostrand, Dean of Advanced Studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

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