The Waiting War: Finding Your "Yes" in His "Not Yet" (Paperback)

The Waiting War: Finding Your
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Were all waiting for something - a dream, a change, a cure, an answer. Though we know what the Bible tells us about waiting well, the Lord's promises, and His perfect plan for our life, we still find ourselves battling with the day-to-day reality before us. Were tired. Were frustrated. Were at a loss of what else we can possibly do. We've already surrendered this battle to Him, after all. Why do we still feel this way?

Have we, though, actually surrendered? What does that even mean, in all reality?

What do we do when our burning desire to trust the Lord collides with our flesh in the form of underlying expectations of Him? How to we overcome our fear that silences our faith? How do relinquish our controlling tendencies without becoming idle? How do we pray fervently for those deep desires of our hearts while still declaring Thy will be done? How do we recognize and thwart the enemy's plans to focus our eyes on all that isn't so he can steal away all that currently is? How do we boldly declare to the Lord that we want Him and His will more than anything and actually mean it?

Connect with Jenna's heart for you as she openly shares how the Lord revealed these hidden corners of sin during her own journey of waiting. Dive into Scripture with her and meet biblical characters who fought similar battles. Experience freedom as you call light to the silent stones weighing down your heart and learn what it looks like to actively surrender them to the Lord. Develop personalized battle strategies to overcome the enemy's attempts to drag you back into your internal chaos. Become a warrior in waiting as you find your yes in His Not yet.

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ISBN: 9781098070007
ISBN-10: 1098070003
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: December 29th, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English