David and Jonathan (Paperback)

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Meet Jonathan, the oldest of King Saul's sons and crown prince to the Israeli throne. Having been groomed on the battlefield, Jonathan's greatest allegiance is, first, to the God who has continuously defended him, and secondly, to the nation that his family has been charged to lead and defend.

Unfortunately Jonathan's adversaries are not quarantined to the battlefield. How is Jonathan supposed to defend Israel from both their advancing enemies and their own king-his own father?

Overridden by fear and greed, King Saul's sanity is slipping, the prophet Samuel is at a loss, and God is on the move.

Meet David, the youngest of eight sons and esteemed family shepherd. Having been groomed for a life in the sheep field, David's deepest devotions are to, first, the God who protects him, and secondly, to the flock he is charged with protecting.

Unfortunately David's role as the family shepherd marks him as a sort of outcast within his own household. His exclusion from family gatherings largely goes unnoticed and perhaps is largely hoped for by some.

Enter Samuel, a divine anointing and the now-shepherd will-be-king David.

But how will a shepherd take the throne?

Easy, he won't.

It will be given to him.

Of course, after he's called into Saul's service, the trick will be keeping David alive in the middle of harm's way. Thankfully God has made the preparations.

The defeat of two giants. The rejection of two fathers. The faith of two best friends. And the heroic host of much needed back up.

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ISBN: 9781098068844
ISBN-10: 109806884X
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: November 16th, 2020
Pages: 230
Language: English