How To Analyze People: The Power Of Emotional Intelligence (Paperback)

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Why Apple, Google And Co. Will Never Hire You If You Lack This One Powerful Skill...

It's becoming more and more common in today's world that your college degree holds little to no weight when applying for a job. Employers simply don't regard the completion of University in the same ways that they used to.

Even some of the world's top CEOs, individuals like Ursula Burns at Xerox, and Jeff Bezos from Amazon, are saying that they generally don't care what college their top employees went to - at least not compared to some other more important variables.

Why is this? What is it that these employers are looking for if not a representation of your knowledge and tangible skills?

The answer might surprise you.

Emotional Intelligence is quickly becoming the most important skill in today's world. Not only does it help you connect more deeply with your peers, but it will also aid you in the maintenance of your own personal happiness.

Happy people are productive people AND successful people.

Ask yourself this, have you ever felt as though you've had something valuable to bring to the table that wasn't simply regurgitated information?

Maybe you're not the "book smart" type but still want to develop a personal advantage in today's' world?

More and more it is being encouraged to stand up boldly and demonstrate your EQ instead of your IQ.

Did you know you can train your Emotional Intelligence?

Even if you don't feel the need for a competitive advantage in today's workforce, developing and strengthening your EQ is by far the most beneficial thing any human being could do for themselves. In fact, it improves your life to such an extent that your relationships are more solid, people trust you more and you are more dependable.

Tuning in to the power of your Emotional Intelligence is THE skill to have heading into this new decade, and How To Analyze People is the #1 Guide of 2020 that is going to help you get there.

Hands down, those who are most in tune with their emotions will generate the greatest success for themselves moving forward in their personal and professional life.

In How To Analyze People you'll discover:

A foolproof guide to understanding the meaning of Emotional Intelligence How your thoughts affect your emotions How to land your dream job, communicate effectively and create powerful relationships with one simple skill How to navigate your and other people's feelings the right way and avoid unnecessary arguments The step by step roadmap to increase your Emotional Intelligence (even if you struggle to cope with emotionally charged situations) The #1 reason why developing your EQ is the easiest way to achieve your goals The 10 key areas of Emotional Intelligence and how they determine your overall success in life How to spot high and low EQ in others and enhance your situational awareness The proven best practices for applying your EQ in daily life Understanding how emotional connections can break down barriers and change minds

... and so much more

Your Emotional Intelligence is something that you can train, something that you can develop and become better at with time, and is something that will help you 10X every single aspect of your life.

From getting ahead of your fellow employees at work to establishing greater clarity within your relationships and personal endeavors, actively training your EQ is a 'no-brainer'.

If you want to discover the secret fast track to success and happiness, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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