AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Success Guide, 1: Prepare for CLF-C01 Exam with quizzes, assessment tests, cheat sheets, hands-on lessons and pr (Paperback)

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Success Guide, 1: Prepare for CLF-C01 Exam with quizzes, assessment tests, cheat sheets, hands-on lessons and pr By Ojula Technology Innovations Cover Image
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In this guide you're going to learn all about AWS (Amazon Web Services). I'm going to get you prepared and fast-track your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam success. The great thing about the cloud practitioner exam is it's very suitable for people coming from many different backgrounds. So, it doesn't matter if you have little or no technical experience, or if you do have a technical background and you're looking to transition your skill sets into the cloud.

Whatever background you're coming from, this is the right book for you. Everything you need is here to make sure that you do pass your exam. You're not in this alone because I'm going to help you through it. My support link is at the bottom of this book for you to contact me any time if you need further help.

Whatever your preferred learning style, I've also got you covered. If you're a visual learner, you'll love my clear diagrams and illustrations throughout this book. You'll enjoy the facts I present to you and the cheat sheets I created because they have exam specific information in them. If you're a practical learner, you'll love my hands-on lessons so that you can get practical with AWS and learn in a hands-on way.

About the hands-on lessons, there are two different types of practical lesson in this guide. The first one is a demo. A demo is a pure demonstration in which I show you something but you don't need to follow along. The reason I do that is that there are a few examples of where I want to show you something visually so that I can demonstrate to you some feature of AWS. But the set up might be a bit more complex than the cloud practitioner exam requires.

Now, the other one is a hands-on lesson. A hands-on lesson is a follow-along, so you can actually go through AWS in your own free tier account and actually build on AWS. It will give you practical experience, which is really the best way to learn and become competent.

At the end of each section of this book, you'll find a lesson with links to my cheat sheets and a quiz you can use to test yourself as you go through the lessons. There's often an exam cram lesson as well. This is a fast-paced run through of the cool facts ideal for quick revision before you sit your exam.

At the end of the book, there's also a full-length practice exam so you can test yourself and see if you're ready to sit the real thing. So, everything you need is here in this guide.

Abridged Table of Contents

1. Introduction: How to Fast-Track Your Exam Success

1.1. About The CLF-C01 Exam

2. How to Create AWS Free Tier Account

3. Cloud Computing and AWS

3.1. Traditional IT and Cloud Computing

3.2. Examples and Benefits of Cloud Computing

3.3. Types of Cloud Services & Deployment Models

3.5. AWS Global Infrastructure

3.6. AWS Shared Responsibility Model

3.7. Application Programming Interface

3.8. Launching Cloud Services

3.9. AWS Public and Private Services

3.10. The 6 Advantages of Cloud Computing

3.11. Exam Cram 1

3.12. Practice Quiz 1

4. Identity and Access Management

4.1. AWS IAM Overview

4.2. IAM Users, Groups, Roles and Policies

4.3. How to Create IAM User Account

4.4. IAM Authentication and MFA

4.5. How to Setup MFA

4.6. Service Control Policies

4.7. How to Create Custom IAM Password Policy

4.8. IAM Best Practices

4.9. Exam Cram 2

4.10. Practice Quiz 2

5. AWS Compute Services

5.0. Introduction

5.1. Computing Basics

5.1.1. Client-Server Computing

5.2. Server Virtualization

5.3. Amazon Elastic Compute

5.4. How to Launch Windows & Linux Instances

5.5. EC2 Instance Connect and SSH



9. Full Length Practice Exams & Answe.

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