The Investment Blueprint: Mastering: The Monetary System, Market Cycles, and Cycle Based Investment Strategy & Navigating: The Impending Financi (Paperback)

The Investment Blueprint: Mastering: The Monetary System, Market Cycles, and Cycle Based Investment Strategy & Navigating: The Impending Financi By Peter Tran Cover Image
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  • Throughout history, many interlinked economic, social, and political upheavals have taken place. Every such event came with its own set of destructive consequences. Yet somehow, we have not been able to identify the mysterious and elusive economic and financial viruses. The Investment Blueprint book will take the readers on a journey into the economic and investment Black Hole to demystify its dark matters such as monetary inflation, general price inflation, asset price inflation, economic recession, economic deflationary and hyperinflationary depression, cyclical cycle, secular cycle, and financial crisis.
  • Initially, mankind invented the concept of the monetary medium of exchange called money to support the expanding and growing economic market system. Over time, money inevitably grew in importance. Not only it became the lifeblood of the economy, but also it became the main pillar of society, influencing and dominating every aspect of society. As the money system evolved, it created contradictory impacts. On the positive side, it uplifted the overall living standards of the society. On the negative, it periodically and repeatedly caused the economic and financial upheavals and inadvertently triggered the social and political chaos.
  • Section 1 (April 2019) It provides the reader with a strong foundation of the nature of money and explains the concept of money, its evolution, and the various functions it serves in today's domestic and international monetary systems and markets. It highlights the tenets of how money is created in today's economy, why it is synonymous with debt creation, and how the limitations of this system result in inflation and other economic inefficacies that impact the cyclical and secular nature of markets that result inevitably in financial turmoil.
  • Section 2 (July 2019) Once the reader understands the linkage between money and debt and how they help shape the different market cycles (long term, short term, economic, business, investment), he/she will be empowered to make more sound financial decisions. The author provides several tools to correctly identify the distinct phases of market cycles and inflection points between bull and bear cycles. This will provide the foundation to create investment strategies that adhere to the general direction of the market and remove the guesswork of translating economic reality into market perception.
  • Section 3 (Oct 2019) This section explains how to effectively create a market cycle-based investment framework and strategy that mirrored the way the market actually functions. This strategy is based on where we are in the market cycle (short-term and long-term direction), ideal asset and investment allocations, and provides sustainable investment alpha for both short-term trading decisions and long-term cycle investors.
  • Section 4 (September 2019) Understanding the monetary system, market cycles, and the tools highlighted in the previous chapters will enable the reader to more effectively demystify the nature of financial crises and triangulate/anticipate the next financial crisis. Specifically, this section is going to identify the seeds for the impending financial crisis and the specific type of crisis. Moreover, it will estimate the timing of the next crisis and provide a decisive roadmap to navigate the impending financial crisis forming on the horizon, including the crisis path and potential solutions.

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