31 Days Devotional Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever. (Paperback)

31 Days Devotional Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever. By Millstorm Caulomar Cover Image
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31 Days Devotional Prayers That Will Change Your Life forever is a very powerful prayer book that has done a lot of marvelous things in the life of millions of the reader. Apart from putting smiles in their faces, many have testified about their worst situations turning around for good as a result of reading this prayer book. It is a daily guide book that will protect, grant you uncommon breakthrough, build your faith and confidence in the issues of this life, give you victory over your challenges, and usher you into a successful new month. It is God's desire that he communicate with us on a daily basis through prayers. When you were small leaving under your biological father's roof, he wakes you up on a daily basis and give you some instructions or send you an errand just for your own benefit and success for that day.The prayers in this book have covered every area of your life challenges and also empower you to make success in this life. If you can follow the instructions and pray the prayers and bible chapters and verses provided for you, starting from day 1 to day 31, there must be a great change and something good that must happen to your life. Prayers move mountain and cause ugly situations to change for better. To maintain good relationship with God or enjoy his blessings a daily communication must be must be maintained. When communication lacks in every relationship, you will agree with me that such relationship dies gradually.This prayers will activate your breakthrough in all areas of life such as: healing, marriage, financial breakthrough, all round success, promotion, overcome disappointments/ failures, getting favor from people, boost your faith in God and your spiritual life as well, etc. It also talks about demons, witchcrafts and how to overcome their attacks and the things that attracts them into your life.There are some prophetic confessions with biblical backups in this book that destroys the strong holes of satanic powers of this world all these are in the daily prayer points in this book. Beloved, my prayer for you is after reading this book; your life will never remain the same forever..... Amen.

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ISBN: 9781072611127
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 7th, 2019
Pages: 110
Language: English