How to Analyze People: The Procrastination Puzzle (Paperback)

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Beat Your Procrastination And Tackle Your To-Do List The Right Way

Do you tend to put things off, make excuses for missed deadlines, and generally find yourself starting things you don't finish?

A university-wide study proved that procrastinators routinely experienced more stress and received worse grades after putting off studying.

There's no need to be ashamed of it. In this tech and media inundated age we live in, instant gratification is a click away at every turn. This predictably lures us away from what we should be doing.

Did you know that the average person is distracted or interrupted every 40 seconds when working in front of a computer?

The effect is so pervasive in fact that one study found that the proportion of self-identified procrastinators has increased by 400% since the 1970s.

So, needless to say, all of us delay from time to time. The time for concern, though, is when you regularly avoid your priorities.

Many that have had an ongoing issue with procrastinating are resistant to addressing it. They assume it's just how they are and can make things work within this way of operating.

That's selling yourself short, though. If you're procrastinating, you're actually working harder than you need to for less benefit. And with a few simple shifts in behavior and environment, you can realize quick, lasting gains.

Here is a select sample of what you ll discover in How to Analyze People - The Procrastination Puzzle

  • Understanding the underlying issues and assumptions that lead to procrastination
  • Eliminating this one trigger from your environment will cut your procrastination in half
  • Finding what will sustainably motivate you to change your behavior
  • Why procrastination has nothing to do with self-control, but what you need instead
  • Identifying and reworking the thought patterns that are causing you to delay or avoid your most important tasks
  • Building the competence needed to take immediate action on any task (even if you hate it)
  • The pitfalls to avoid if you are easily distracted
  • All you need to know about procrastinators and why it can be actually good to put something off
  • The most powerful strategies for organizing your life and workload to avoid overwhelm and optimize your productivity

And much more.

You might have tried everything to stop your procrastination, but nothing has helped. The truth is, you didn't understand the "why" behind your inability to start.

Procrastination is more about our emotions and environment, less about our "laziness". If you follow the right guidance even procrastinators at heart can fully kick procrastination to the curb.

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