Become a Competent Music Producer in 365 Days (Hardcover)

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Become a Competent Music Producer in 365 Days is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of music production. Over the course of a year, this book takes the reader through ten chapters covering mixing, equalization, compression, reverb, delay and modulation, automation, vocals, synthesis, and mastering.

To combat the patchy nature of 'fast' online content, this book provides an accessible and easily digestible course. Each chapter is broken down into daily readings and tasks, so that each topic can be fully explored, understood, and implemented before moving onto the next, with a range of online video tutorials that offer useful companion material to the book.

Become a Competent Music Producer in 365 Days is an ideal introduction for beginners of all backgrounds, and students in further and higher education music production classes, as well as aspiring professionals, hobbyists, and self-taught producers, who wish to have a thorough grasp on all the fundamental topics that any experienced music producer should know.

About the Author

Sam George - The Producer Tutor is a songwriter, composer, producer, and educator from the UK. He's trained in classical and popular music and is a self-taught music producer and audio engineer. From his cutting-edge recording studio in Spain, he collaborates with artists globally.

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ISBN: 9781032446141
ISBN-10: 1032446145
Publisher: Focal Press
Publication Date: June 12th, 2023
Pages: 280
Language: English