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First published in 1964, The Kurdish War tells not only David Adamson's 200-mile journey on foot and horseback through the rebel mountains of Iraq but also of the circuitous route through the Middle East the author had to take to get there. For possibly 4000 years the Kurds have lived in the mountains between the Tigris and Armenia, owing fitful allegiance to many empires among them those of the Turks, Arabs, Persians, and briefly the British. Revolts against their overlords have been haphazard, bloody, and ill-fated. The one which began in Iraq towards the end of 1961 looked as if it would fall into the usual pattern, but in fact it was the deciding factor among the several which led to the overthrow of the late General Kassem.

In the summer of 1962 David Adamson was working in Paris for the Sunday Telegraph when he met Emir Bedir Khan, the doyen of the Kurdish nationalist movement. From that meeting sprang the discussion to try to enter the rebel held territory in the north-west of Iraq. In this book the author describes the leaders of the revolt and the aspirations, history, background of the Kurdish nationalists. This firsthand historical account is an essential read for scholars and researchers of Middle East history, Middle East studies, and history in general.

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