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I dreamed I was in a tiny apartment with a one-booth diner in the living room and a short coffee counter. I ate a hearty plate, and caught the tail-end of another patron's conversation at the counter, with the guy running everything (pot-bellied, slept on the living room floor). It was raining the whole time, annoying, tinny, constant drip-drip. The customer said he hated the rain, among lots of other things. Then he left, and I sat down for coffee, owner on the floor-bed, face always in shadow."What about you? What would you like to be different?"I apologized for eavesdropping, then said, "I like rain. I think that should stay."He asked if there was anything I didn't like. I said, "I don't like wind in my face.""Really... wind?"I nodded. "And I don't like pollution.""Yeah."I realized I couldn't see well, no glasses on."I don't like near-sightedness.""That's it?""I wanted to be a writer, and be rich, but I wrote a book that bored everyone-conversations, mostly. People complained.""Well, would you rather sell millions of copies of trollop you don't care about, and be rich, or sell ten copies of what you wanted to say, and five readers... get it."I sighed. "I guess no trollop. I'd rather have five people get it.""There you go," he said.The rain got louder, I woke up-could still hear it, even as I stared out my window at the blue-skied sunrise.This is a science fiction trilogy. There are people in it with super powers (no, it's not like X-men, sigh). There's some action, here and there, and a lot of flawed people. It's a spiritual book, with some Christian doctrine. Like I told the potbellied guy running the one-booth diner in his living room: This is a book of conversations, mostly, between a large group of friends. Maybe it's boring, maybe not. Maybe a handful of people will get something from it."But what is the book about?"The book is a trilogy, all three novels in one large compendium, and basically, it's about a group of people (The Society) that discover they have 'abilities' (i.e., super powers), due to a previously dormant gene sequence that gets activated. Of course, these people are all locked up and activated inside a secret government facility. But... it turns out that nefarious men in the government aren't the only ones interested in these people and their special powers... there might just be something 'extraterrestrial' that is also closely watching The Society... The Society: Trilogy is a Science Fiction Action/Adventure series with some Christian/Spiritual doctrine spliced in for inspiration.However, this is not a straight-up Christian series, as it's really for non-Christians. The characters are not necessarily all (or even most) Christians, but rather, average people, with imperfections and flaws, normal urges and desires. They swear, they have sex when not married, they judge people, including one homophobic character struggling to live with a lesbian couple in The Society. They lose their tempers and get into fistfights, they say mean, inappropriate, sometimes even prejudiced things to each other. But they are also all ultimately best friends that need each other, and their love for one another overrides all human flaws. The Society is ultimately about the beauty of what human beings can be when they fulfill their ultimate purposes and discover their true potential as a race.

About the Author

Jennifer Word is an award-winning poet, novelist, fiction and non-fiction writer, editor, reviewer, and publisher. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Pepperdine University, with minors in Education and English. She is an inactive affiliate member of the HWA. She has worked as an editor for Dark Moon Digest, Dark Moon Books, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, and Authors Large & Small. Her short stories, articles and poetry have been printed in: The Storyteller, The Klondike Sun, Dark Moon Digest, Dark Eclipse e-Magazine, Surreal Grotesque, eFiction, Gamut Magazine, and multiple anthologies, including: Slices of Flesh; Zombies Need Love, Too; Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror; and From Beyond the Grave. Her current novels are available through EMP Publishing-All Because of the Cat & Other Tales, Once More, and Lyrical Tales: Collected Poems and Photography. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferword and http: //

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ISBN: 9780998086033
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Publisher: Emp Publishing
Publication Date: August 30th, 2017
Pages: 716
Language: English