The "Source" of Relationships for Young People: How to Handle Your Parents (Paperback)

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By education, Leatrice Lynne Latts is an attorney and a CPA. By experience, she is a successful business attorney advising multi-million dollar businesses and individuals. By passion, she is a teacher, writer, and coach for communication, problem-solving, and motivation. Her unique approach of combining the practical and the intuitive led her to establish See Movement in 2006. "See" stands for "Successful Energy Empowerment".

Every person in some way or another has had experience with the highest form of energy. Some people refer to this highest form of energy as "God"; Leatrice calls it "Source". However, it is the same energy whatever it is called. Instead of limiting your experience with Source energy to random and sporadic events, Leatrice advocates deliberately accessing Source energy and tapping into its powerful attributes: Unconditional love, guidance from infinite intelligence, and the power that created the Universe and life force itself.

See Movement has helped thousands of people access and partner with their own "Slice of Source" (see the testimonials on her website):

  • To facilitate the creation of the life they want.
  • To identify and release the Negative Energy Programs that are preventing them from having and living what they want.
  • To feel good.

After Leatrice was guided to write "The 'Source' of Relationships", she was guided to re-configure the messages of that Book for young people - so that they could have a leg up on living the life they want and feeling good - especially regarding their parents. Hence "The 'Source' of Relationships for Young People: How to Handle Your Parents".

Her other Books, from her website and Amazon Books:

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ISBN: 9780996539821
ISBN-10: 0996539824
Publisher: See Movement
Publication Date: January 16th, 2018
Pages: 152
Language: English