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Dear Couch, We're Through! (Paperback)

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Giving up the couch in favor of arduous first-time jogs or frustrating morning drives to the regional gym can be daunting, unpleasant, and seemingly near-impossible. Dear Couch, We're Through! proves that Jenn Benson not only understands this and all the other reasons we tend to resist exercise, but also how our approach to "getting fit" itself impacts what we actually get out of it. With an accessible format, spot-on humor, and plenty of real stories (triumphant and non), beginners and old pros alike can lean on Benson for all the quick advice and long-term strategy you'd expect from a personal trainer. Add it to your gym bag and feel free to mark it up—this is the perfect place to start your year (or month, or week) of exercise!

Aubrey Restifo


Dear Couch We're Through is for everyone who has ever had trouble getting motivated, staying motivated, or finding time to exercise. It is a light, easy read that will have you wanting to get up and move. Sprinkled throughout this book are funny situations and inspirational stories that everyone can relate to. You will also find a ton of practical tips, websites, apps, and "real life" suggestions to get you moving and on your way to a healthier lifestyle. It is never too late to say good-bye to our bad habits and worn out couches. Kiss them all goodbye and start changing your life for good.

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Received my copy of Dear Couch, We’re Through! over the Thanksgiving weekend & finished in 4 days! Jennifer Benson, combines her extensive experience training individuals at a variety of fitness levels with in-depth research of literature in physiological & motivational psychology to produce a clear & interesting guide to propel anyone to a healthier & happier lifestyle! Her concise writing style make you feel like you are part of the conversation as she simply illustrates how to best navigate the path to sustainable & rewarding personal growth. This book is great for anyone who has been looking for a way to improve their mind-set & physical well-being. Plus, it’ll make a great gift for the Holiday season! In addition, many of the core principles Jennifer outlines can be applied to more than just improved fitness, and are an absolute asset for anyone seeking concrete advice on self-improvement & motivation. —Rajiv

Great book, great advice, non-judgmental, very encouraging, easy to read. —Mary Ann

Jenn Benson is an excuse buster. She starts out empathetic and gently guides us to look at our present relationship with our couch (refrigerator, desk, etc.) before she encourages us to view things from different perspectives. This is a fun book to read while taking action towards making changes to your lifestyle. Normally I read a book in a day or two. I took my time with this book to actually do many of the suggestions and to adjust how I go through my daily routine. The book covers things from how I think to who I associate with to finding new activities I enjoy. It does not lecture or demand. I enjoyed reading the book and trying the suggestions. This is a book I will refer back to when I find myself falling into bad habits.—Laura

I would put 10 stars if I could!! This was just the book I needed to kick me in the butt to get off the couch, and get more active. I felt like Jenn was talking directly to ME…like she knew EXACTLY what I need to hear to get me motivated to take that first step. This book is full of knowledge, helpful information, inspiring stories, and even some light humor...a perfect, don’t want to put it down book!!! I would recommend this book to all ages and shapes of life!—Jennifer

This book was helpful and fun to read. Jenn leads us through a step by step way to get motivated and moving and not be overwhelmed. She makes a path to success! —Lauren

This is such an amazing book!! Everything you need to get up and moving. So many helpful tips to get you moving and keep you moving. A must read, such a great book, highly recommended. 💜—Kim

I won this book in a goodreads drawing. A self help book about getting motivated and staying motivated to live a more healthy lifestyle. Some good tips here. —Glen

This book provided me with all the motivation needed, which, in my opinion, is one of the biggest hurdles I have these days. As a new mother, this book has helped me to organize and schedule things for me and honestly, I feel better now (mind, body, & soul). —CSM

This book is very interesting and gets you motivated to get up and get moving. —Ray

Excellent book, great motivation with helpful resources. —Cassandra

Motivational book! I didn’t feel like I was being scolded by the author! —Jeanell

Very interesting. I have been ill and needed a lot of motivation. I won this book on Goodreads. Thanks. —Sandra

Good book for anyone who needs to be motivated to exercise even at my age of 78. —Neola

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ISBN: 9780996484237
ISBN-10: 099648423X
Publisher: Shirespress
Publication Date: August 19th, 2016
Pages: 218
Language: English