Surviving: Helping Teens Find Peace on the Roller Coaster Ride of Divorce (Paperback)

Surviving: Helping Teens Find Peace on the Roller Coaster Ride of Divorce By Joe Wells Cover Image
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Has divorce ever touched your family and taken you on a roller coaster ride?

If so, did you know you are not alone? There are teens all across the world who are dealing with divorce just as you are. As a matter of fact, probably some of your friends at school or church have dealt with divorce - or are right now. Just like you, they know what it feels like to wonder what's going to happen now, or what my family will be like. The hurt, anger, fear and guilt have all visited them as well. You're not alone; however, knowing that may not make it any easier right now. In time it may, but for now, you will need help processing what you are going through. This booklet is designed to help you in this journey. The ride can be very rough, with all its twist and turns; however, with God's help and by allowing the teachings from His Word to help, you can find the hope and healing you desperately are seeking.

Read what some who have been where you are have said:

"This book is a very helpful tool for both parents and children who are going through the difficult and life changing process of divorce. It personally gave me a sense of hopefulness and encouragement that I honestly did not expect. It assured me that what I was feeling was normal, okay, and part of the whole experience of coping and getting through the difficulty of divorce." - Fain Watson (parents divorced when she was 18)

"What an invaluable resource for any teen to have that is asking the 'how' and 'why' questions of their parents' divorce. You just never understand the pain and confusion until it happens to your family. This book helps you understand that you are truly not alone in what you are experiencing." - Jordan Vaughn (parents divorced when he was 15)

This booklet includes the following sections:

Section One: Introduction

Section Two: Is What I'm Feeling Ok?

Section Three: It's Not Your Fault

Section Four: How Will This Change My Life?

Section Five: What Do I Do Now?

Section Six: The Ride of a Lifetime

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