Sex and other truths: desire, love, life in haiku (Paperback)

Sex and other truths: desire, love, life in haiku By Ronnie F. Strong Cover Image
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A collection of Ronnie Strong's most liked haiku on the themes of desire, love and life. Ronnie prepared this selection of erotic and poignant poems for sensual adults. He hopes you will enjoy the moods, thoughts and feelings evoked by these works. You might like to do this in the company of someone with whom you share desire, love and life.

Ronnie uses plain language in poetry to reveal the human lust for life, love and the experience of desire. Our sexual and loving nature provides our greatest joys and biggest disappointments. We can laugh at ourselves or feel pride in our capacities and pursuits, whether successful or not.

There are three sections.

The first section is on desire, which either bends us to our knees or makes us reach the sky. Desire is a force of innovation. It leads us to destroying our old world and creating something new. Desire gives us energy and renews our own image of ourselves.

The second section is on love. Love humbles us and makes us cry. It restores us and builds us into better people, if we can let our heart open. It is selfless and generous. Love is not only for lovers, though lovers do it with gusto and a good measure of desire.

The third section is on life. A life lived with an adequacy of desire and love are some foundations of a good life. Desire and love too can leave one living a most disappointed life. The thing is to live life with gratitude for the love and desire you have experienced. While sadness is part of life too, that is for another book.

Haiku are a self-contained expression of an idea in three lines. Ronnie follows the five-seven-five syllable rule for the lines. Ronnie has chosen an image to go with each haiku. Most of the time Ronnie's idea started with the image. Sometimes it was the other way around.

Ronnie would love you to play with these haiku as the subject of your own ideas, thoughts and experiences.

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Publication Date: April 16th, 2018
Pages: 108
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