The Magical Sex Book: Create and sustain amazing sex in four simple steps (Paperback)

The Magical Sex Book: Create and sustain amazing sex in four simple steps By Frank Wiegers, Judith Claire Cover Image
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Have you been longing for better sex but don't know where to begin? Put an end to the mystery and learn how to regularly create intimate, meaningful, magical sex.

Is being unfulfilled in the bedroom hurting your relationship? Know the passion is gone and want it back? Afraid you're too old to enjoy the excitement and pleasure you once did? Looking to take intimacy deeper than ever before?

Happily married sex and relationship coaches Frank Wiegers and Judith Claire have spent over seventy combined years helping singles and couples solve their problems and achieve heartfelt, erotic fulfillment. And now they're here to coach you to lovemaking that transcends physical satisfaction and takes you to that mystical, connected place beyond normal human experience.

The Magical Sex Book is a transformative guide that is grounded in the understanding that amazing sex takes place within the context of a loving, emotionally fulfilling relationship. With their unique and tested holistic approach, Wiegers and Claire combine simple, practical steps, communication exercises and special ancient and modern sexual techniques to deliver mind-blowing passion.

In The Magical Sex Book, you'll discover:

-The Four Steps process which connects, excites, creates ecstatic experiences and loving union to foster profound bonds

-How to guide your partner to give you what you want in the bedroom, so you both enjoy the experience

-Easy rituals that deepen intimacy

-Tips for oral sex and intercourse resulting in "Oh My God" orgasms

-Methods to tailor foreplay to your specific mate, ways men can have multiple and prolonged climaxes, techniques for lovers over 50 and much, much more

The Magical Sex Book is your essential resource for consistently creating extraordinary intimate fulfillment. If you like a friendly and conversational tone, clear and effective solutions to real issues and life-altering results, then you'll love Frank Wiegers and Judith Claire's wise and ground-breaking guide.

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ISBN: 9780991162208
ISBN-10: 099116220X
Publisher: Top Gun Love Inc.
Publication Date: November 16th, 2021
Pages: 164
Language: English