Her Own Revolution: Book 2 of the Château de Verzat series (Paperback)

Her Own Revolution: Book 2 of the Château de Verzat series By Debra Borchert Cover Image
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A Woman Forges a Treacherous Path to Save Hundreds from the Guillotine

If Genevi ve Fouquier-Tinville had the same rights as a man, she wouldn't have to dress like one, which she does to attend University-forbidden to women. By swearing her commitment to the revolution, she succeeds in convincing her father, the Public Prosecutor who condemns thousands to the guillotine, to hire her as a court clerk. But she intends to earn passage to join her lover, Henri, in America.

Tasked with copying lists of names scheduled for execution, she reads Louis LaGarde, a fallen noble whom she despises for having exposed her as a woman when they both attended University. Believing him innocent, she replaces his name with one already dead, saving his life. But she realizes that unless she forges a treacherous path, hundreds more will perish at her father's hands.

When a Revolutionary hunts her down, she must accept LaGarde's help, yet she denies her attraction to him out of loyalty to Henri. She fights for her life and the lives of those she's come to love, but she must face the truth of her own heart.

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ISBN: 9780989454575
ISBN-10: 0989454576
Publisher: Le Vin Press
Publication Date: July 14th, 2023
Pages: 422
Language: English