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At age 39, Ariel Gore has everything she's always wanted: a successful writing career, a long-term partnership, a beautiful if tiny home, a daughter in college and a son in preschool. But life's happy endings don't always last. If it's not one thing, after all, it's your mother. Her name is Eve. Her epic temper tantrums have already gotten her banned from three cab companies in Portland. And she's here to announce that she's dying. "Pitifully, Ariel," she sighs. "You're all I have." Ariel doesn't want to take care of her crazy dying mother, but she knows she will. It's the right thing to do, isn't it? And, anyway, how long could it go on? "Don't worry," Eve says. "If I'm ever a burden, I'll just blow my brains out." Amidst the chaos of clowns and hospice workers, pie and too much whiskey, Ariel's own ten-year relationship begins to unravel. Darkly humorous and intimately human, The End of Eve redefines the meaning of family and everything we've ever been taught to call "love.

About the Author

Ariel Gore is the publisher of Hip Mama Magazine. Her books include Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness; How to Become a Famous Writer Before You re Dead; The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show; Atlas of the Human Heart; and The Hip Mama's Survival Guide. She lives in Santa Fe, NM."

Praise For…

Praise for The End of Eve
Ariel Gore has changed my mind twice before, on motherhood and happiness now she’s stunned me thrice. This is the story of the world’s most startlingly insane, beautiful mother who was supposed to die in one year but nearly killed her entire family and staff before she was through. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll need a bucket. Don’t die or surrender! before you read her tale.
Susie Bright, Mommy's Little Girl: Susie Bright on Sex, Motherhood, Pornography, and Cherry Pi

Dorothy Parker famously said 'there are no happy endings,' but Ariel Gore’s sweet, tough, elegant account of her mother’s last days is absurdly happyif happy means inhabiting life in all its mess, distress, beauty and occasional hilarity. A near-perfect gem.
Karen Karbo, Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life

The depth of insight of The End of Eve often took my breath away. Not to mention its drop-dead humor, the sadness, and the rage. Ariel Gore’s memoir is in its essence a how to book. In the face of death, our grief, how to breathe, how to be brave, how to be funny, how to be authentic. How to make it through. But most of all: tenderness how Ariel puts human tenderness on the page is an act of poetry damn close to sublime.
Tom Spanbauer, In The City of Shy Hunters

Ariel Gore takes some of the heaviest life work - caring for a difficult, terminally ill parent - and somehow through her writing transforms it into a funny, interesting, moving experience. Her work is like origami in that way - capable of changing one solid thing into something entirely different, and beautiful, because of the way she looks at the world. Totally unique, and very inspiring.
--Corin Tucker, Sleater-Kinney

Hip Mama Magazine
It’s the quality of the writing that sets Hip Mama apart.
--The New Yorker

Hip Mama is considered one of the best zines out there.
--San Francisco Chronicle

Fun and irreverent.
--USA Today

Ariel Gore’s transformation from globetrotting teenager to the hippest
of mamas reads like a movie script about a Gen-X slacker following her
bliss to unlikely success.
--Utne Reader

How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead
One of the snappiest, most useful books a writer for hire is likely to read.
--David Pitt, Booklist

Atlas of the Human Heart
Oregon Book Award finalist

Gore’s adventures make absorbing reading.
--Beth Leistensnider, Booklist

A terrific and important book. Ariel Gore rips through the cultural
wasteland of the 1980s with fierce desire and female angst, taking us on
a wild ride. Impossible to put down.
--Corin Tucker, Sleater-Kinney

Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness
Thoughtful, funny, and inspiring, Gore is a down-to-earth guide to the
elusive human quest for happiness.
--June Sawyers, Booklist

The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show
Booksense pick

This novel is a miracle deliciously subversive and deeply spiritual.
--Gayle Brandeis, author of Fruitflesh and The Book of Dead Birds

An affecting tale about the search for home, connection, and authenticity.
--Christopher Castellani, author of The Saint of Lost Things

Piercing and insightful, Gore’s first novel limns one woman’s complicated
relationship with her religion and her personal faith.
--Kristine Huntley, Booklist

With a dash of mysticism mixed with the underground freak show scene,
Ariel Gore creates a fascinating, inventive, and modern odyssey.
--Beth Lisick, author of Everybody in the Pool

Punctuating the narrative with stories of the saints, Gore depicts
Frankka’s religious reawakening with both irreverence and respect for
tradition and faith.
--Publishers Weekly

A bold and imaginative story.
--Michelle Tea, author of Rose of No Man’s Land

Breeder: Real Life Stories from the New Generation of Mothers
Forget books that drone on about what is considered normal.’ Scrap guides and articles that tell you how it’s done
--Spike Gillespie, author of All the Wrong Men and One Perfect Boy: A Memoir

The women who gathered in my mother’s kitchen when I was a child weren’t free. The women whose voices are gathered in this remarkable collection are and that’s a difference worth celebrating and a development that must be documented. --Dan Savage, author of American Savage

The Mother Trip: Hip Mama’s Guide to Staying Sane in the Chaos of Motherhood
Gore knows that motherhood is isolating, heartbreaking, and delightful,
and she’s not afraid to say so.
--Linda Beck, Library Journal

Ariel Gore is a brave, wise, and absolutely original voice on the subject of
--Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., author of The Dance of Anger: A Woman’s
Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships

Portland Queer: Tales of the Rose City
As rough-hewn and gorgeous as the city that inspired it, this anthology
breaks queer ground as it shows us that everywhere is Portland but Portland is its own special place, home to queers seeking and finding home, from the city itself to each others arms.
--Daphne Gottlieb, author of Kissing Dead Girls

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