Apartment Investing: The Ultimate Guide (Paperback)

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An instant apartment investing classic
Apartment Investing: The Ultimate Guide won't replace your mentor . . . it is your mentor. In this epic guide, you'll learn reality-based apartment investing strategies that will have you feeling as though someone is finally looking over your shoulder. Discover from start to finish how to:
  • buy the right apartment building the first time,
  • implement strategic capital improvements,
  • get paying tenants in units quickly,
  • manage your property manager, and
  • build a real estate investing legacy.

Theresa Bradley-Banta's Ultimate Guide gives you no-holds-barred strategies to improve NOI through: branding; curb appeal; amenities; ancillary income such as pet fees and concierge services; and strategic implementation of today's smart apartment tech.Game-changing strategies for novice and seasoned investors
Theresa offers practical tips around the entire multifamily real estate investing process. It's a must-read for those real estate investors who are just starting out. Its's also a must read for those who already own multifamily investment real estate but know that their property could perform better. New real estate investors will learn:
  • how to tour an apartment building like a pro,
  • deal analysis tips for accurate investment property valuation,
  • how to spot the good deals and the don't go there ones, and
  • the multifamily real estate investing mistakes to avoid.

And for seasoned real estate investors? We'll help you to:
  • create an irresistible brand that attracts the right tenants,
  • recognize which smart tech and amenities can be a smart move,
  • stay resilient amid natural disasters and pandemics, and
  • increase NOI through revenue generating procedures and activities.

Apartment investing the way the pros do it
Multifamily real estate investors with hundreds of units practice well-conceived acquisition, improvement and operational strategies. They have a spend now, save later approach. They don't step over a dollar to pick up a dime. And do you know? It's not rocket science. You can successfully invest in apartment buildings too. Apartment Investing: The Ultimate Guide is an immense, epic compilation of how-to tips and strategies that will help you add value to your property-no matter how big or small. You'll learn in laymen's terms how to:
  • calculate multifamily operating expenses,
  • create an accurate annual property budget,
  • budget and renovate rental properties to meet market demand, and
  • embrace sustainability with free "green" funding resources.

Apartment Investing: The Ultimate Guide is guaranteed to keep those dreaded cash calls from your property managers to a minimum. You'll want to read this before you buy an apartment building and especially before you hire a third-party property manager.Invest with confidence
The resources and tips in this book are designed to keep you on track and profitable. You'll learn to:
  • treat your multifamily real estate investment as a business;
  • work on, not in, your real estate business; and
  • make smart real estate investing decisions today.

The truth is you will never have real confidence in your ability to successfully acquire and operate multifamily real estate until you get out there and start taking action. Let's face it, you weren't a pro at riding a bike on your first try either. Everyone is shaky at first. To ride a bike, you had to get a feel for the balance and that's true for any new skill. Don't wait to read this until after you buy your first apartment building. Read it now. What you learn will inform your apartment investing strategies for years.

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ISBN: 9780985968120
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Publisher: Big Fish Top Dogs Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st, 2020
Pages: 722
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