The Language of Light (Paperback)

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The Language of Light is a transmission of Divine energy carried to you on the frequency of love. This book will guide and assist you in remembering the Language of Light, the long-forgotten language of your soul and will reconnect you with its message, that you are Divine, whole and perfect. In addition, you will discover seven Golden Keys, potentised golden oils infused with light, which align perfectly with the energy transmissions of the book. Together, the Language of Light and the seven Golden Keys form a 'power pack' for spiritual awakening.

The Language of Light and the Golden Keys are powerful tools to heighten your perception of the divinity and creative force within all life; open your awareness to a greater, higher, more expansive perspective of yourself and all that is; unlock knowledge and wisdom that has been lying dormant within you; offer you practical and energetic support in raising your vibrational frequency; recalibrate your energy fields to hold more light; assist you in finding your unique expression in the world; facilitate paradigm shifts in your thinking and awareness; and offer you golden threads from which to weave the unique tapestry of your own awakening journey.

Take a journey to authenticity, freedom and light; to wholeness, oneness and joy. Welcome to the ride of your life

Product Details
ISBN: 9780956439420
ISBN-10: 095643942X
Publisher: Korani Light Centre
Publication Date: March 24th, 2022
Pages: 186
Language: English