Sojourn on the Veld: A Call to Mission, Machines, and Brotherhood in South Africa's Age of Apartheid (Paperback)

Sojourn on the Veld: A Call to Mission, Machines, and Brotherhood in South Africa's Age of Apartheid By William Boehms Norton Cover Image
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Sojourn on the Veld is a handbook for anyone pondering a cross-cultural calling. The author and his teammates served a tribal homeland in South Africa during the zenith of the racial crisis known as apartheid. The story provides guidance for the gamut of missionary challenges from determining a calling to anticipating and adjusting to culture stress. It reveals the iron-sharpening-iron team dynamics and trial-by-fire leadership growth that enabled the author to succeed in his mission.

The team, part of the Agape Movement of Campus Crusade for Christ (now called CRU in the US), advanced the message of Jesus Christ through evangelism, Biblical training, and working in partnership with local African churches. Concurrently, the group assisted the physical well-being of the Tswana homeland through engineering, teaching, and other vocational skills.

The presence of the author and his fellow expatriates also advanced a message of racial reconciliation. They were one of the few white groups to live in a black area of South Africa during the apartheid era. The team demonstrated that black and white could live side-by-side without any strain whatsoever, even under the harsh rule of apartheid.

Sojourn on the Veld provides practical real-world advice for anyone working or ministering as a sojourner in a foreign land. The book provides an insight into the challenges of working alongside people of another race, culture, and language. And the story highlights the personal joys, horizon-stretching vision, and spiritual depth that reward the sojourner.

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