The Arabs: A Short History (Paperback)

The Arabs: A Short History By Philip Khuri Hitti Cover Image
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From the ancient cultures of the Middle East have sprung three of the world's major religions, outstanding accomplishments in literature and science, and seemingly never-ending conflict - compounded now not only by geopolitics, but by the international hunger for oil and the web of global terrorism.

But who are the Arabs, these remarkable people who have accomplished so much and who continue to both fascinate and confront the West?

Philip K. Hitti's eloquent short history is an acknowledged classic offering the best and quickest grasp of Arab history and culture.

Now with a new introduction by renowned MIT historian, Philip Khoury.

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ISBN: 9780895267061
ISBN-10: 0895267063
Publisher: Gateway Editions
Publication Date: October 1st, 1996
Pages: 273
Language: English