Discovery at Prudhoe Bay: Mountain Men and Seismic Vision Drilled Black Gold (Paperback)

Discovery at Prudhoe Bay: Mountain Men and Seismic Vision Drilled Black Gold By John M. Sweet Cover Image
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The story behind the greatest oil discovery success of last century and the building of the Trans Alaska pipeline. This book details and celebrates a colossal oil exploration feat and a world-class engineering and construction project. Discovery at Prudhoe Bay - is the story behind the greatest North American oil discovery success ever the Prudhoe Bay discovery in Alaska and the building of the Trans Alaska pipeline. Author and geologist John Sweet was a district explorationist with the company that made the discovery, and his book details and celebrates the colossal oil exploration feat and world-class engineering and construction project. Sweet's writings offer a first-person account of oil exploration work in interior Alaska and the inherent difficulties involved, including freezing cold temperatures, permafrost and unusual geography. The book also gives insight into the operations of large oil companies and the resourceful ways that they worked, often together, to ascertain the existence of the huge oil reserves. Sweet's narrative also establishes the area's historical and geological background. The book begins with a look at the topography and geology of the region, and discusses the early geologic studies that were done, particularly the surveys done by the USGS in the early part of the twentieth century. It examines the explorations of hermit explorer Dr. Leffingwell, who became an icon in the history of geologic studies of Arctic Alaska. Chapter three looks at the first oil activity in the region, which occurred in 1915 to 1921, surrounding the investigation of oil seepages in the area. Chapter four examines the activities in the mid 1920s, during which time the Bureau of Engineering in the U.S. Navy invited the United States Geological Survey to begin to explore and document the geography and geology of the recently established Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 4. The next significant activity occurred around 1944, when World War II and the need for fuel for ships became the catalyst for an unprecedented effort to evaluate the petroleum potential of Naval Petroleum Reserve Number 4. Chapter six goes into when the Richfield oil company discovered the Swanson River Oil Field on the Kenai Peninsula in 1957. Chapters seven, eight and nine look at the various oil companies who were doing exploration into the region, following the Swanson discovery. Chapter ten further focuses on oil exploration. Chapter eleven goes into ARCO's decision of whether to drill or not, following the lack of success by other companies in that area. Chapters twelve, thirteen fourteen detail the events that occurred with the drilling of the first Prudhoe Bay wells; and chapter fifteen focuses on the building of the pipeline. There are virtually no other books in publication that offer readers such a personal glimpse into the discovery at Prudhoe Bay. John Sweet offers clear and complete accounts of the historical goings-on at the time. There are maps, figures and photographs throughout the book. And the book also includes an extensive index, an appendix and a list at people involved with the discovery. This book will appeal particularly to Alaskan buffs, historians, adventure seekers, geologists as well as those with no knowledge of the Prudhoe Bay discovery story.

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