Handbook of Horary Astrology (Paperback)

Handbook of Horary Astrology   By Karen Hamaker-Zondag Cover Image
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Horary astrology is the only form of astrology that provides direct and decisive answers to questions that we want answered as soon as we ask them. It is pure predictive astrology and the interpretation of the chart is quite different than it would be one were reading a birthchart. HamakerZondag has written this basic horary textbook for students who want to explore the concepts of horary, but who have been trained in character reading the psychological symbolism that can be seen in the natal chart. Because all facets of astrology are still developing, we are constantly adding new material to our body of astrological knowledge and technique, and HamakerZondag says that these changes are based on the astrologers experience and our changing social structure. She briefly outlines some of the classical techniques used years ago for horary calculations, and then concentrates on the material that works for her in her practice in Holland. This is an excellent text for astrologers who want to start using horary techniques to answer specific questions.

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ISBN: 9780877286646
ISBN-10: 0877286647
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 1985
Pages: 224
Language: English