Beans, Bourbon, and Blood (Mass Market)

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In this explosive new series, Western legend Luke Jensen teams up with chuckwagon cook Dewey “Mac” McKenzie to dish out a steaming plate of hot-blooded justice. But in a corrupt town like Hangman’s Hill, revenge is a dish best served cold . . .


The sight of a rotting corpse hanging from a noose is enough to stop any man in his tracks—and Luke Jensen is no exception. Sure, he could just keep riding through. He’s got a prisoner to deliver, after all. But when a group of men show up with another prisoner for another hanging, Luke can’t turn his back—especially when the condemned man keeps swearing he’s innocent. Right up to the moment he’s hung by the neck till he’s dead . . .

Welcome to Hannigan’s Hill, Wyoming. Better known as Hangman’s Hill.
Luke’s pretty shaken up by what he’s seen and decides to stay the night, get some rest and grab some grub. The town marshal agrees to lock up Luke’s prisoner while Luke heads to a local saloon and restaurant called Mac’s Place. The pub’s owner—a former chuckwagon cook named Dewey “Mac” McKensie—serves up a bellyfull of chow and an earful of gossip. According to Mac, the whole stinking town is run by corrupt cattle baron Ezra Hannigan. Ezra owns practically everything. Including the town marshal. And anyone who gets in his way ends up swinging from a rope . . .

Mac might be just an excellent cook. But he’s got a ferocious appetite for justice—and a fearsome new friend in Luke Jensen. Together, they could end Hannigan’s reign of terror. But when Hannigan calls in his hired guns, it’ll be their necks on the line . . . or dancing from the end of a rope.

About the Author

William W. Johnstone is the #1 bestselling Western writer in America and the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of hundreds of books, with over 50 million copies sold. Born in southern Missouri, he was raised with strong moral and family values by his minister father, and tutored by his schoolteacher mother. He left school at fifteen to work in a carnival and then as a deputy sheriff before serving in the army. He went on to become known as "the Greatest Western writer of the 21st Century." Visit him online at

J.A. Johnstone learned to write from the master himself, Uncle William W. Johnstone, who began tutoring J.A. at an early age. After-school hours were often spent retyping manuscripts or researching his massive American Western History library as well as the more modern wars and conflicts. J.A. worked hard and learned, later going on to become the co-author of William W. Johnstone’s many bestselling westerns and thrillers. J.A. Johnstone lives on a ranch in Tennessee and more information is at

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ISBN: 9780786050710
ISBN-10: 0786050713
Publisher: Pinnacle
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2024
Pages: 384
Language: English