Manners and Customs in the Middle Ages (Medieval World) (Paperback)

Manners and Customs in the Middle Ages (Medieval World) By Marsha Groves Cover Image
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In the Middle Ages, it was important for everyone to dress and act according to their position in society. This intriguing new book describes the different manners and customs that were practiced by kings, knights, ladies, peasants, and religious officials - on the battlefield, in a monastery, at weddings, and at a funerals. Topics include - knights and chivalry - rules that noble youth had to follow when serving their lord and lady - books of manners - the tradition of monks and nuns eating in silence - wedding customs, such as the wedding ring and the bridal veil - the belief that women should be humble and obedient - rituals for pregnancy, birth, and birthdays - harvest celebrations - the tradition of the twelve days of Christmas and the burning of the yule log - superstitions about health and hygiene - burial rituals Teacher's guide available.

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ISBN: 9780778713890
ISBN-10: 077871389X
Publisher: Crabtree Classics
Publication Date: October 31st, 2005
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Medieval World